Terrazzo Floor Polishing

Terrazzo is a kind of stone commonly used on floors. It was actually derived from an Italian word “terrace” or “terrazza” which means mosaic floor designed or installed with small pieces of marble. Moreover, terrazzo is a composite material which is applied on a place or surface for treatments. Terrazzo is beautifully embedded with small pieces of marble, glass, granite or quartz; which makes them so shiny and sparkle. For many people, having terrazzo in their homes is indeed an investment.

Terrazzo is a beautiful stone and installing them in your home needs proper technique. Most of the time, people would hire an expert for installation. In this case, when dealing dirty or dull terrazzo, using a good solution such as pure surface coating is necessary. Always bear in mind that terrazzo surface is made up of 70% marble which means its surface is sensitive. Therefore, before you use any cleaning solutions on your terrazzo floors, be sure that it is the most appropriate solution for it. Your cleaning must restore dull terrazzo and not to worsen the existing terrazzo problem. The marble chips have very low porosity thus will not surely absorb most staining substances. Terrazzo floor polishing must be done properly and with all care; using right materials and cleaning solutions.

If you have a schedule to get a terrazzo floor restoration it is important for you to understand on how to prepare your house. The following are some things you must done prior to the terrazzo restoration process. The first thing to do is to ensure that the floor is completely clean and free from any dust and dirt. Aside from that, everything should be moved to the other place. On the other hand, areas not subject to the process should also stay protected by simply covering them. The process uses several tools and equipment.Furthermore, it is also very important to tape or cover the breakers or live wires in the area or turn the electricity off. Empty out everything from the shelves or in your closets. Wearing proper suits during the process is also very important. Certainly, following these tips can help you to have a smooth and effective start of terrazzo restoration.

On the other hand, when facing serious damages, simply hire the professionals for specialized terrazzo floor repair. To avoid serious issues, regular cleaning and keeping your terrazzo floor free from dust can prevent yourself from hiring the professionals.

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