Terrazzo Floor Cleaning

For many house owners, handling dirty and dull terrazzo floors at home is not an easy task, especially if it the terrazzo floors have been covered for quite a while. Perhaps, you mostly heard that it is hard to bring back the natural shine and sheen of your terrazzo at home. Carpets and rugs could leave serious marks on terrazzo’s surface. When the situation comes, you can clean dull terrazzo by using right tools and equipment as well as the most appropriate cleaning solution for your terrazzo. Basically, there are so many ways that you can do in cleaning and polishing dul terrazzo floors at home.

First, you need to repair cracks if you want to restore the smoothness of your terrazzo floor. You can hire a professional to do this job. Through this, it will help strengthen the foundation of the molded terrazzo. Moreover, it can also prevent the accumulation of small insects or fungi underneath. Before covering the cracks, make sure to spray some insecticide or pesticide on the terrazzo.

On the other hand, if the stains are visible it is recommended to do inspection about what causes the stain. This is essential before you decide which solution or cleaner to be used.

Avoid using strong solutions with harmful chemicals that can damage the terrazzo. Applying wrong solution could damage the color as well as the natural look of the terrazzo.
When removing the stains on the terrazzo, wear rubber hand gloves for your safety. For stains like alcohol, juice, sodas, tea and coffee, you only need to mix an ample amount of liquid detergent with some parts of water. Rub the stains gently with the use of clean old cloth or a sponge. In case, the stains won’t go, add denatured alcohol to your solution.
In treating oily terrazzo surfaces, use solvent right on the spot. This is also good in removing paint, lipstick, ink and rust stains. You may also add two tablespoon of hydrogen perborate and use it as a poultice. Let it sit and wait until it becomes dry to get a better result.

But keep in mind that the tips mentioned above are only meant for removing terrazzo stains.

Terrazzo Floor Cleaning

Sodium perborate is basically an active ingredient that can whiten and brighten stained terrazzo floors. Aside from that, this ingredient can also serve as a deodorizer. Also, this element is combustible thus it is your responsibility to use it following right measurement plus extra care. When done, dispose it properly since it can be too harm for the environment. Also, always keep out of reach especially to children.

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