How to Polish Concrete Garage Floors

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Having concrete floors at home is actually an investment. It certainly adds beauty and elegance to your home. However, you have to maintain concrete floors in order to keep them beautiful. For some this is a tedious task so they simply contact a professional and let them do the job. But for some, they can polish concrete floors alone with the use of some materials and following basic tips. It is true that you can polish concrete floors perhaps floors in living room and garage.

Polished garage floors is not that prone to staining thus easier to clean. You can also use a polish to make the garage floor more light and natural looking. Polish can brighten up darker garage and refreshed dull concrete. If you have hard floor surfaces, it best to use acrylic floor polish like stone and concrete. A good polish product or solution actually creates better and clear effect, moreover, it protects the concrete floor from staining. Upgrade your garage concrete floor with the use of any effective polishing solution.

In order to clean dull and dirty garage concrete floors, here are some of the basic steps you need to follow. This tips are also recommended by the professionals.

1. weeping the garage floor in a regular basis can help a lot to maintain them. By means of sweeping the garage floor, you can get rid of all the loose debris and other substances from the garage floor.

2. Next, mop the concrete floor if necessary. Garage concrete floor is actually prone to dirt since it can be one of the main entrances in your home. You can mop it with some soapy water. Use a clean and very soft mop. If there are grease stains and oil puddles, clean these stains by using degreaser cleaner which can be bought in the local market. Keep on mopping the floor until there are no more dirt or residue left on the floor.

3. When using a floor polisher, attach a concrete polishing pad. Keep on cleaning the garage floor and when you are done, let the floor dry for some hours.

4. Afterwards, turn on the polisher and put an ample amount of acyclic floor polisher on the garage concrete floors. Turn on the polisher o the slowest speed. Gradually distribute the solution and do it evenly. Just simply add more polisher if needed.

5. Allow the acrylic polish to dry. Get back to the floor and this time increase the speed of the brush. You will notice different level of shine and smoothness of the concrete floor.

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