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If you no longer enjoy looking at your dull-looking, gray concrete floor, and you are covering it with rugs and carpets already, then it is probably time to do some concrete staining.You can do the floor staining on your own, however, it is still best to leave such job to professionals to avoid damaging your floor.

Staining mixtures include hydrochloric acid, which is considered as a strong acid, and if not used properly can do great damages on floors.

But if you are really confident that you can stain your floors on your own, here is a quick guide on how to do it:

  • Make sure that you clean and clear the area where you plan to stain. Transfer your rugs and furniture to a safe place and protect your walls by covering it.
  • Make sure that the area is thoroughly clean. You can use a vacuum cleaner to remove all dust and dirt. Wipe the floor with a soapy water or floor cleaner; instead of a rag you can also use a mop. Leave your floor to dry completely.
  • After making sure that the floor is now clean and dry, you can now start mixing the stain solution. Wear protective gears and clothing before you start mixing. Make sure that you read and follow the directions on its label. Do the mixing outside your house or in an open space for good air ventilation because hydrochloric acid can be harmful when inhaled. In mixing, use a basic pump garden sprayer and remember to add acid to water. When you are sure that your sprayer is working fine, you may now start working on staining your floor.
  • Pump the stain solution into your concrete floor evenly. Pump in even strokes and avoid making any puddles. After spraying your entire floor, wait for it to dry completely before applying another coat. Add coats until you have achieved the right color or shade that you like.

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  • It is important to protect your freshly stained concrete through the process of sealing. This procedure also helps enhance your floor’s finish. Sealing is easier than staining your floor. All you have to do is use a new paint roller made of synthetic fiber; avoid rollers that are made of cotton because they can leave uneven streaks on your floor. Apply a thin coat of sealer and let it dry before applying another. You can coat your floor with a sealer until you achieve your desired finish.


Finally you have successfully stained and sealed your concrete floor. Make sure that you wait for your brand new floor to dry completely before moving your furniture. You may not opt to bring your carpet and rugs back because your floor looks shiny and attractive already.

If you are satisfied with the job you have done with your floor, you might even be more satisfied and happier with the jobs done by concrete staining professionals. If you let the professionals do it, you do not have to do so much work and will be happier with the results.

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