Decorative Concrete Lays :

In the event that you begin to see some deep-cracks, damages, or some other obvious imperfections settling on your concrete floors at home, then it might be needed for you to call a professional company and consult with their experts. Hiring the professionals is very important especially if you do not know how to handle such bad situations with your precious concretes at home. The experts can determine whether your original concrete requires a replacement or just a repair. In case the concrete can be restored and repaired, you just need a decorative concrete overlays that will covers significant flaws and blemishes of the concrete.

To get this job done without any mistakes, it is always best to consult first with the professionals. They have latest system designed to cover any existing damages or blemished on the concrete floors or other concrete surfaces. Moreover, this process covers blemished hence could also duplicates the natural look of the concrete.

Basically, many people are choosing concrete for their walls and other parts of their home. This is because of its durability. However, concrete is prone to damages and without proper maintenance,

this kind of stone will not be able to stand for longer period of time. Aside from that, plain concrete may look so boring. But today, there is so-called decorative concrete overlay process that can turn out a boring and plain concrete into a lively, brilliant and stunning concrete.

1. Make sure to free the concrete from any form of dirt and debris. Also, check the pores of the concrete if they are clean and free from small substances. You can easily do this with the use of a pressure washer. Wait for one to two days to dry.

2. With the use of a masking tape, cover and seal the entire concrete expansion and make sure there are no openings. This is important so that the overlay doesn’t get in them.

3. Prepare a mixture of polymer cement; apply it on the concrete and let it dry slowly. Right after that, stamping thin concrete surfaces just before it dries is your next more and this is very important. For you to avoid any mistakes, just read and follow the directions on the package carefully.

4. Now, spread at least 1/4-to-1/2-inch layer of cement on the concrete. Make sure to apply some amount evenly. Experts recommend the use of edge trowel.

5. Let the concrete set up. Wait for a few minutes until you notice that the trowel edge is almost holding its shape. Once set-up, just place the stamp on the wet cement. Work with one surface and then to another. Do it carefully and slowly. However, it is required to just stop if the concrete areas you are going to overlay is very large. On the other hand, it is best to seek professional help.

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