What is Concrete Micro-Topping?

Micro-Topping is a way of re-surfacing a material which is about the thickness of as credit card. Basically, it is formulated with high strength polymer cement in order to adhere some concrete surfaces such as old concrete, wood and steel. Such micro-toppings are used as a decorative application for both interior and exterior; especially on concrete. They can be colorless and you can also change the color of your existing concrete according to the color of your choice. Micro topping is basically designed to apply thin coat applications particularly on concrete materials.

Probably you ask yourself why you should use micro topping. Is it that very important? Yes micro topping is very important and it can be used interior and exterior in order to many paving and flooring requirements. Generally, this technique is very beneficial if you are doing some renovation of your old concrete floors. Moreover, it can also be sued to finish any existing concrete surface of new building or construction.

Concrete floors are ought to be repaired or restored when they have serious damages such as cracks. Basically, it is very essential to know when to get correct repair alternative or to hire professionals for concrete micro topping process. On the other hand, some small concrete cracks could be covered by simply applying prime coats over the concrete floor. However, you need to seek professional assistance for large and wide cracks. The professionals will determine if you need proper resurfacing.

Moreover, stamped concrete floors have been commonly used over exterior surfaces; in addition to that, the use of stamped concrete over concrete surfaces has been totally increased. Many to people choose this due to its low cost, many different colors you can choose from, durable solution and lastly its lovely pattern. By means of stamped concrete, it will absolutely provide a real appearance of your concrete floor.

Thus all you need is proper way of cleaning in order to maintain its beauty. Generally, stamped concrete floors are not different to micro topping in most aspects, they only differ from sand and rough surface finish. Right after a pattern is created, there is a need to apply a coat of concrete sealer.

If you think your concrete floors at home are currently experiencing damages which cannot be dealt with kits and cleaning materials at home, then it is best to simply contact a professional company who can provide excellent service in order to save your concrete at home.

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