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Here in South Florida we have been experiencing a modern living transformation for awhile. Today people are looking to use more green products and also have no grout lines. If you have concrete floors, you might want to think about concrete floor restoration! Concrete floors are an amazing art canvas. Sometimes there are cracks in them, sometime holes once upon a time where there used to be baseboards for carpeting, or even glue where there was once vinyl tile. If you are looking for an artsy space that has a New York lofty look like I do, then these so called obstacles are acceptable. Between filing in the holes and grinding the floor down and bringing it to a natural polished look, what it looks like at the end is what you get and we call that character/ art. Concrete floor restoration is a lion share of our business, now lets talk about if you are building a brand new modern home.

If you are building a brand new modern home, you would not want the loft look but rather you would want a highly shined floor without any cracks or holes and you might also want to have it stained. There are so many possibilities. We also suggest that people go to google images and do a search for polished concrete and look and the images and when we show up at your house to talk about doing something special with your concrete you can tell us the look you want and we can make it happen.

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