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Are you thinking of removing the old dated tiles or even the carpeting off the floor and then low and behold, you see a bunch of holes in the concrete. Well don’t let that discourage you from thinking about polishing your concrete floors. We are your concrete floor repair specialist! Some companies come in and fill the holes in with epoxy, but our company fill the holes with concrete. When it comes to matching the concrete while doing concrete floor repair it is virtually impossible, only in terrazzo restoration is flawless repairs possible.

If you have a concrete floor and you want the loft look that you have possibly seen while in a big city or even at a friend’s house that has used the floor to pull off a retro look. You must have that mind set, when the floor needs a lot of repair work it will never look perfect. People often come to find that this is actually the look they want. They want the look that the floor is aged and has character. I recently installed brick on my walls in an apartment I have up north, then I white washed it. I actually painted and grouted the walls myself and decided to restore what i already had. While painting the dark red brick wall I want to give off the aged look that gave off the loft look. I also had the floor stained and the guy who did it actually did a horrible job.

But between my newly installed white washed walls and the floors, the place looked perfect. So much so that someone in the same apartment above me came over when it was done and was blown away and was hoping that those same brick walls where behind his walls.

You see I wanted that loft look, something that looked aged and weathered, to go with new furniture and nice rugs. I have to say overtime I visit that apartment I feel so good being in it. This same feeling is how people feel about their concrete floors. They don’t want it to look perfect, the repair work needed adds character to it, it’s part of the canvas. So after reading this and you want to have your concrete floors repaired and polished or even just stained with a sealer applied on it. Have us come by and Ray will be happy to talk possibilities. Lets create something special together!

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