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Today, polished concrete is becoming the ultimate no-wax flooring material. This is because of the latest technologies and equipment as well as the professional contractors who are offering excellent concrete floor polishing services. The professionals are educated in polishing concrete floors, whether new or old concrete, they are able to create a high-gloss finish results to your concrete floors.

Due to the fact that concrete polishing is a multistep procedure, you can actually select the level of sheen you want for your concrete floors. Basically, you may choose from satin to high-gloss that will give you complete satisfaction. Professional concrete floor polishing offers a complete and excellent services from start to finish which also include designs, equipment, requirements and not mention the maintenance you need to adhere to.

Generally, it is very essential for you to learn and become educated enough when it comes to the basic steps in polishing the concrete floors in your home. There are two types of polishing; dry and wet concrete polishing. Concrete should be polished, cleaned or maintained differently.

Concrete Floor Polishing Methods

Typically, concrete polishing is an extensive method that involves diamond grinding and polishing process. This technique can make the concrete floors glossier because concrete floors with smooth and clean appearance is truly easy to maintain and clean. Therefore, it is very important for you to keep the concrete floors in your home always clean and shiny. Basically, concrete floor polishing methods has three major phases and these are the diamond grinding, densification, as well as the diamond polishing.

The first phase involves grinding the diamonds on the concrete floor. This should be done by the professionals because it needs to use some electric devices or propane engine powered floor grinding machines. Basically,

when grinding the concrete floors it is like sanding a hard wood floor. In order to do this, the professionals will use a different frit on sandpaper which is actually similar to concrete grinders with different sizes of grit diamonds. The professionals will remove any glue or coatings from the concrete floor when grinding it. The diamond grinding process is actually done in order to get rid of the coatings on the concrete floor surfaces such as the tile grout, epoxy glue and sealers. This is needed to be done to prepare the concrete floor for the polishing procedure.

During the concrete polishing process, it is possible for you to add some dyes and colors you want to make the concrete floors in your home more appealing and beautiful. At the end of this step, you will surely enjoy a different and much beautiful polished concrete floors.

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