How to Clean Concrete Properly in Palm Beach Area

Concrete Cleaning Palm Beach: Basic Questions About Concrete

Just like any other types of flooring, concrete also has certain advantages and disadvantages. With the new techniques for polishing and restoring concrete there many advantages to concrete. To help the buyer decide whether concrete flooring would be right for their home, our Concrete Cleaning of Palm Beach experts have come forward to provide answers to the general questions from buyers regarding floor benefits, performance, durability, maintenance or appearance. Here are some of them:

1.  Are concrete floors prone to cracking?

This is a common concern among buyers. Although this is true, some people actually love the random cracks and the unique look which they provide. The organic look of the flooring after suffering from minor stains is a preferred design to some. Majority of buyers do not share this point of view, therefore micro toppings are provided to hide the cracks under a smooth surface. This new surface can accommodate a variety of designs ranging from stamping, stenciling etc.


2.  Are concrete floors cold and damp?

Every type of flooring can become cold, so does concrete. Its coldness does not exceed that of natural stone or ceramic. It should be noted that concrete has an ability to store and radiate heat, this can be used to its advantage when it gets cold.

3.  If the flooring has been poorly insulated or has been built over a weak drainage system, it is bound to become damp eventually. Apparently, it is not the fault of the flooring material. If the building codes are followed properly and buildings are made by following the necessary regulations, then this dilemma will not occur. A vapor barrier is installed underneath the slabs to trap the moisture migration, thus preventing dampness.

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4.  Are concrete floors loud and hard on the feet?

Concrete is an inherently hard substance, this same property is responsible for providing a tough, sturdy and durable construction which would last a lifetime. Therefore, it does not provide a cushioning effect while walking on it. Since it experiences heavy foot traffic along with moving machinery and vehicles, a hard surface is required. In case it is being used in residential rooms or hotels, a cushioning effect can be provided by placing area rugs on tops of the basic concrete flooring. Concrete are hard but are not abrasive, so it doesn’t cause any damage to the footwear.

5.  Are Concrete Floors Loud?

They produce an echo effect and are considerably loud, but so are other types of floors. The effect can be reduced by using absorbent material like rugs, wall fabric, pillows, curtains etc.

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6.  Are decorative concrete floorings maintenance-free?

They are comparatively easy to maintain, but they do need frequent cleaning routine in order to ensure that they retain their luster. The amount of cleaning and maintenance required mostly depends on the level of traffic it receives on a daily basis. Other factors include exposure to natural elements, vicinity to dirt or moist atmosphere etc. The requirements also differ from location to location, residential or business enterprise.

7.  Are concrete floors slippery?

Yes, they can become slippery when they get wet, same as other hard floorings like vinyl, marble, linoleum or ceramic.

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