Granite Countertop Cleaner

Absolute Black Granite is considered by some experts as one of the most enjoyable and reliable materials for kitchen countertops. It is naturally denser and virtually stain resistant so it’s ideal for wet bathroom counters and demanding kitchen countertops.

Unlike any other kind of granite or other natural stones, Absolute Black Granite is non-porous; which means it cannot be treated with any kind of sealer because it is too dense. It has an absorbency rate of 0.0-0.15% – almost as ‘absorbent’ as glass.

Even impregnating sealers (or sealers which seep in through the stone to seal it) cannot permeate the dense composition of Absolute Black Granite. It would basically be a waste of money to seal Absolute Black Granite, and in addition, it could cause probable damage to the stone. It’s best to leave the Absolute Black Granite unsealed, and clean and maintain the surface with water and mild soap.