How to Clean Concrete Properly in Palm Beach Area

Concrete Cleaning Palm Beach: Basic Questions About Concrete

Just like any other types of flooring, concrete also has certain advantages and disadvantages. With the new techniques for polishing and restoring concrete there many advantages to concrete. To help the buyer decide whether concrete flooring would be right for their home, our Concrete Cleaning of Palm Beach experts have come forward to provide answers to the general questions from buyers regarding floor benefits, performance, durability, maintenance or appearance. Here are some of them:

1.  Are concrete floors prone to cracking?

This is a common concern among buyers. Although this is true, some people actually love the random cracks and the unique look which they provide. The organic look of the flooring after suffering from minor stains is a preferred design to some. Majority of buyers do not share this point of view, therefore micro toppings are provided to hide the cracks under a smooth surface. This new surface can accommodate a variety of designs ranging from stamping, stenciling etc.


2.  Are concrete floors cold and damp?

Every type of flooring can become cold, so does concrete. Its coldness does not exceed that of natural stone or ceramic. It should be noted that concrete has an ability to store and radiate heat, this can be used to its advantage when it gets cold.

3.  If the flooring has been poorly insulated or has been built over a weak drainage system, it is bound to become damp eventually. Apparently, it is not the fault of the flooring material. If the building codes are followed properly and buildings are made by following the necessary regulations, then this dilemma will not occur. A vapor barrier is installed underneath the slabs to trap the moisture migration, thus preventing dampness.

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4.  Are concrete floors loud and hard on the feet?

Concrete is an inherently hard substance, this same property is responsible for providing a tough, sturdy and durable construction which would last a lifetime. Therefore, it does not provide a cushioning effect while walking on it. Since it experiences heavy foot traffic along with moving machinery and vehicles, a hard surface is required. In case it is being used in residential rooms or hotels, a cushioning effect can be provided by placing area rugs on tops of the basic concrete flooring. Concrete are hard but are not abrasive, so it doesn’t cause any damage to the footwear.

5.  Are Concrete Floors Loud?

They produce an echo effect and are considerably loud, but so are other types of floors. The effect can be reduced by using absorbent material like rugs, wall fabric, pillows, curtains etc.

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6.  Are decorative concrete floorings maintenance-free?

They are comparatively easy to maintain, but they do need frequent cleaning routine in order to ensure that they retain their luster. The amount of cleaning and maintenance required mostly depends on the level of traffic it receives on a daily basis. Other factors include exposure to natural elements, vicinity to dirt or moist atmosphere etc. The requirements also differ from location to location, residential or business enterprise.

7.  Are concrete floors slippery?

Yes, they can become slippery when they get wet, same as other hard floorings like vinyl, marble, linoleum or ceramic.

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How Do You Clean Concrete Floors in Boca Raton Area

concrete polishing solutions

Concrete Cleaning Boca Raton:  Turn Your Home into a Palace

A house is a palace for every person who resides to enjoy. Most everyone has special memories and emotions attached to the house and all of its possessions. It is important that we go to great extent to maintain it in the very best condition possible. Regardless of the size of your house, the flooring of your home is a neglected component when it comes to cleaning and maintenance. Even if your flooring is made of concrete, it is of utmost importance that its maintenance is carried out to make it look clean, shiny and posh. Having said that, it must be understood that even concrete has a lifespan. So during its working life, we must use proper Concrete Cleaning of Boca Raton method.


Concrete flooring has many advantages which are easily overlooked; it is a great material for a long term usage. It is cheap, easily available in the market, easy to install and comes in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors. It’s economically viable, therefore even in large business institutions or commercial buildings, the floorings are preferably made of concrete.

Concrete is very resilient in nature, therefore it is a popular choice for those who wish to maintain their home, while keeping the cost factor in mind. As time passes, the elegance of concrete is difficult to maintain, it wears off due to its daily exposure to nature’s elements like dust, dirt, moisture, grease, and last but not the least, the foot traffic it has to endure. Due to its resilient properties, it is generally installed in areas which experience high foot traffic like in the lobbies. Moreover, it also goes through stains, shear or impact marks due to falling of heavy or sharp objects. They leave permanent marks on the floor which can only be cleaned, polished and repaired by professionals.

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Expert Intervention

Moreover, the need to polish each floor varies greatly. Every floor has different compositions so choosing a correct polishing method is of paramount importance. Even though the job seems too easy, it is an elaborate process best left to experts. The necessary cleaners and equipment are at their disposal; therefore they are better equipped to fulfill the task. Plus they have years of experience in this area. The equipment has a disk which has been impregnated with diamond. It rotates at an rpm when in contact with the floor – it gradually grounds down the floor surface in order to achieve a high level of shine and smoothness. It is not a DIY project, considering the level of expertise it requires. No worries, we have a pool of professionals with many years of experience that can excellently perform the polishing tasks. Quality polished floor is what we guarantee.


Aside from Concrete Polishing Boca Raton, we also believe in the creative concept of concrete staining that can essentially lead to beautifying the floor by giving it a unique hue. It closely resembles a quality marble or polished stone. This concept has been promulgated by Frank Lloyd Wright, a well-known architect who used stained floors and walls in his early master work.

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Granite Countertop Cleaner

Absolute Black Granite is considered by some experts as one of the most enjoyable and reliable materials for kitchen countertops. It is naturally denser and virtually stain resistant so it’s ideal for wet bathroom counters and demanding kitchen countertops.

Unlike any other kind of granite or other natural stones, Absolute Black Granite is non-porous; which means it cannot be treated with any kind of sealer because it is too dense. It has an absorbency rate of 0.0-0.15% – almost as ‘absorbent’ as glass.

Even impregnating sealers (or sealers which seep in through the stone to seal it) cannot permeate the dense composition of Absolute Black Granite. It would basically be a waste of money to seal Absolute Black Granite, and in addition, it could cause probable damage to the stone. It’s best to leave the Absolute Black Granite unsealed, and clean and maintain the surface with water and mild soap.

Granite Polishing

The Best Method to Attach an Undermounted Sink to a Solid Countertop

Under mount sinks look very elegant and spacious with the appearance of a seamless counter. Besides being attractive, it also provides easier counter top maintenance because substances and bacteria cannot be caught up with the sink lip, like in conventional sinks.

The biggest concern of homeowners about under mount sinks is if the sink can even support its own weight – plus additional weight from water, and the disposer (if the sink is in the kitchen).

Gravity and leaks are not problematic issues with under mount sinks if the sink is installed correctly. The best method to attach an under mounted sink to a solid counter top is by using high-strength epoxies and silicone caulk to fasten the sink in place. But before even installing the sink, one must make sure the underside of the stone counter top is dust-free. Dust and other foreign material can cause the epoxy to fail and eventually ruin your sink installation.

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Travertine Etched floor from cat “throw up”

Travertine has become one of the more popular choices because of its earthy tones that can resemble the elegance of marble. It is also a very durable natural stone and can withstand typical traffic.

However, Travertine being calcareous in nature, is very susceptible to acid or alkaline etching. It is also highly porous, so a penetrating sealer is necessary to be applied on the stone’s surface after installation. Continue reading “Concrete Floor Polisher” »

A good Terrazzo Repair contractor in South Florida

No matter how well maintained Terrazzo floors are, there will come a time when they would need repairs. Obviously, flooring that is not properly maintained would be easily damaged, eventually requiring Terrazzo Repair. Due to foot traffic, floors can be chipped and scratched. In worse cases, they would be cracked and have holes on them. Luckily, there are professional contractors that can address and fix the damages, and give the flooring a brilliant finish. Continue reading “A good Terrazzo Repair contractor in South Florida” »

Concrete Polishing Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Palm Beach Area

Concrete polishing comes in many colors and designs. Now a days in all the design magazines even in advertising you see concrete flooring floors. TV shows, tonight when you watch your favorite show look at it to see if you see grout lines, NCIS Miami has some of the most amazing concrete floors in their labs. Then there the hit series House, the hospital is concrete polished floors, the list goes on and on. It’s everywhere, even restaurants are using it. Every time I go out west I am always surprised how widely used concrete polishing is. Especially in establishments that want a funky look, the more holes the better for this business. Because years ago the holes where filled and now other holes are being filled which means different types of aged concrete, doesn’t this sound like a great abstract piece of art on the floor, if not to you I assure you it does to someone who is into this. Then there are the types of people that don’t want any flaws. These type of people usually are looking for the modern look with straight lines every where in there designs. This is why we enjoy doing this profession, we are creating art. It just happens to be on the floor, but like me I enjoy floor art and I find myself taking photos often of great looking floors. Ok, I confess I am a floor geek! Continue reading “Concrete Polishing Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Palm Beach Area” »

Concrete Floor Polishing Fort Lauderdale

Before, concrete floors were only used for industrial as well as commercial area, but in today’s era, these type of materials have been widely used in design interiors at home. They have been very popular trend in hotels and restaurants too. As a matter of fact, even single-family home mostly had concrete floors or walls. Sometimes it is installed in the garage or basement. Basically, concrete floors are durable and due to this fact, some people might think that it does not need much effort to maintain its natural look. Although it’s so true, they still have to be properly managed and treated in order to make them long lasting. Regular cleaning is also important. Moreover, there are products that you can use that can add shine and luster to the concrete floor. Continue reading “Concrete Floor Polishing Fort Lauderdale” »

Concrete Floor Staining Miami



Concrete is well known for its strength and durability. It is mainly used for functional purposes. However, concrete can also be used for decorative purposes to give a good aesthetic feel and good-looking structures. For such purposes, decorative concrete is used. It can be used to give a decorative finish for floors, walls and counter tops. The finish is similar to that of polished stone and is less expensive.

The different techniques of concrete decoration are concrete staining and polishing. Continue reading “Concrete Floor Staining Miami” »

Decorative Concrete


Applications of Decorative Concrete for Concrete Stained

Decorative Concrete is possible using acid stains based on water, concrete dyes, polish, epoxy coat, stamped and general overlays and reflector enhancer. These methods usually work to change the texture and color of the concrete, adding to its ornamental value. Acid staining is a favorite with many for coating the concrete. After the application of the stain to the concrete, the surface takes on a design with patterns and swirls that make the entire structure appear like marble, rather than the original dull concrete.

The reason people prefer concrete staining to using the original stone itself is that this process costs less than the stones. Buying marble and tiles in large quantities might not be economical for some people, and concrete staining is a wonderful solution for them. It gives the exact feel of the original stone at a lower price. Continue reading “Decorative Concrete” »