Acid Stain

Concrete Garage Acid Staining

Generally, acid staining is a technique done particularly on the concrete floor to add shine and depth of color. This is a very important procedure in order to maintain the natural beauty and shine of concrete floors.

How to Acid Stain a Concrete Floor

The following are some of the basic steps you need to follow if you want to acid stain your concrete floors at home.

Step 1: Get rid of the trim work

In case there is an existing acid staining on your concrete floor, it is recommended to remove all the baseboards as well as the trim work. They might be damaged right after the stain mixture is applied on the concrete floor.

Step 2: Mask the Walls

Next, you need to cover the entire walls. To do this, make use of 12-inch making paper. Covering the walls is very important in order to protect it from discolorations during the whole concrete acid staining process. All the walls must be covered completely thus exposed the lower cabinets. In order to attach the making paper to the wall, simply wrap the tape around your finger. Carefully tack some piece on the walls. Then gradually, pull the paper across the wall. Afterwards, secure the paper with painter’s tape.

Step 3: Mix the Acid Stain

When mixing the acid stain mixture, keep in mind that you need to do this step outside your home. Proper ventilation is highly required on this job. The acid stain itself contain a very strong chemical which is called hydrochloric acid. Due to this fact, experts highly recommends of wearing protective gear while doing the

concrete acid staining process. Moreover, always remember that when mixing the acid, just add some parts of water and not acid. Prepare the mixed acid stain into an empty gallon made with plastic. Remember, no metal with this applicator. Hydrochloric acid is extremely corrosive to metal.

To apply the acid stain properly, make sure that the spray wand is at least 15 inches above the concrete floor. You can spray the acid stain randomly. Get the concrete floor wet but without puddles. Basically, the acid stain could possibly results to some negative reactions such as the cement floor is prone to multiple hues. Moreover, some areas with more lime cement is prone to render darker color and hues. Apply the first coat, wait for an hour and let it dry completely. After then, you can proceed for the second coating. Repeat the process until you are satisfied with the result.

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